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Lets talk sports shall we?  The question, “‘head up’ playing versus “keep your eye on the ball” playing?

In most team sports, the coach is always telling the players, “Be a ‘head  up’ player.”  That means in basketball or soccer, that you are dribbling with the ball, but you have your eye on the field around you.  They assume a skill level such that with proper training, you don’t have to use too much concentration to perform normal maneuvers. You have your “eye on the ball” just enough not to get ahead of yourself, but mostly, you have your attention to the players and competitors around you.

Contrast this with the idea in sports like baseball, to “keep your eye on the ball”.  This means your attention should be to the operational parts of the game (catching, throwing, running).  The unfolding play can be determined in the lags between batters.  That is, “keep your eye on the ball” because you should already know what the play is.  So, you would know for example that the opposing players were on first and second base, and that after you caught the ball, you would throw to third base automatically (given that particular situation).

In either sport, the important idea is that you have to know the play (or determine it at it unfolds), as well as have the operational skills to perform the objectives. Further, your completion of the objective is dependent on you knowing what tactics or operations you are able to perform.  Thus, if you can’t shoot a curve shot, there is no use in trying to set one up.

I generalize this idea in the business world of web media. If you don’t know what it takes to perform an objective, your ability to create an appropriate strategy is in question.  That is why it requires an abundance of different responses to be able to deal with the multiple layers and objectives in digital media. And that comes with experience and knowledge.

In my career and work, being a “heads up” player means that the methods that I use allow me to see the field in which I operate, as well as giving me feedback on the operational and tactical aspects of my work.  That way, I can “keep my eye on the ball”, at the same time.


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