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I found this photo on the internet.  It’s from the finals of the Woman’s World Judo Championships (this year, held in Ankara, Turkey).  The Dutch player in the white uniform, is throwing the German player in the blue (here, dark grey) uniform.  More than just visually interesting picture, I wondered what the technique was that I was looking at.

I haven’t read anything or seen any video, I just tried to reason from the photograph. I can’t know the exact momentum of the players, but if I play an imaginary reverse replay in my mind, and look at how the Dutch player’s leg is cranked, I feel like I see a leg reap.  It looks like an uchimata (inner thigh throw) to me – at the end of the reaping extension.

The photo looks like it was taken at the point of the German player’s impact with the ground.  This is actually late in the execution of the technique.  Perhaps the German player was floating too much and the Dutch player thought – REAP!  Then again, maybe she just brute forced it.  I can’t really know without seeing the video, but then, the speculation is no fun.


Here is a generic photo of an uchimata.  It is intended to be an example for comparison.  I inverted it into a negative, so that in both photos, the “light uniform” player is doing the technique. This generic photo is also taken earlier in the technique than in the first photo, before momentum has taken both players to the ground.

What do you think?  My congratulations to all who participated.

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