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presenting good goals at HvA

Visit to HvA

“We intend on planting one trillion trees. We must be among the first people in history who want to do a trillion of anything.” – charles

Ferdinand Swart and myself from Good Goal Group, visited the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) on Friday, September 27, 2013 for the Minors in Sustainable Leadership and Development.

Our first impression was that this was a “idea kitchen.” When we see whiteboards, large sheets of paper and post-it notes, we feel at home.

On the left, talking to Ferdinand is Boukje Vastbinder who teaches MSLE students for HvA. She also has a company Enyini, that specializes in those that engage in sustainable entrepreneurial activities.

After viewing a short video and giving a brief but chaotic presentation, we wanted to make a few basic points:
• We intend on alleviating poverty while protecting the environment
• Our goal to double the forest growth by planting 1.2 trillion trees
• We will use crowd funding to provide seed and maintenance capital for the project
• We plan to gamify the process to make it more efficient and engaging
• We need to create both a platform and applications to gamify the project
• We want to use crowdsourcing (HvA) and others to construct the project

We were there to solicit stagiaires as “Apps” designers because we intend to use both crowdsourcing and crowd funding, as both are needed to design applications that will register, store, and recall, project reports for the various tree planting projects around the world. So, those with needed skills can be put to use in organizing and managing work groups used in building the platform.

Find out more info at: Good Goal Group.

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