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You want to be a better person and you want to do well in an increasingly competitive and hostile world, while at the same time, you want to make the world a better place. These things can be done but they require knowledge and strength of character.

You will have to survive and prevail in a world where people are not obliged to treat you nicely. In competitive environments, you will have to withstand their icy glares, their pushy elbows, their smelly farts (believe me, it gets worse). This is what my experience tells me.

Were it not for the secrets my martial arts masters and grandmasters taught me, I may not have survived. But, these secrets came at a cost. I had to put the time in to learn and discipline myself. I also had to raise the money to pay for these lessons because the first lesson I learned was that these lessons are not given for free. I had to make extra money by doing things from baby sitting, to dish washing, to repairing electronic equipment.

If you want to learn to survive as well as thrive, you must pay the same costs as I did. But, how lucky for you and I that we have the chance to learn these secrets by paying money because in centuries past, the only way you could learn these secrets was to be a hereditary member of the aristocracy – these secrets were simply not available to the common man or women (at any price).

The modern world is filled with confusing messages that are intended to keep you victim of other people’s intentions. Messages about how you should look, act, talk, walk, are on display on every magazine counter. You need to find the real truth, truth developed over 2500 year period. It’s possible to learn, but is only known by a very few. I am honored to be able to teach these secrets – if you are humble enough to learn them from me (as I did to mine).

I have developed a website that is a doorway to your chance for both personal and professional development. The idea is that in order to make a better world, we have to make ourselves better as people. We have to share our ideals and work together to strengthen each other. There are simply no other options.

Please check out Sustainability of Self. We will be giving at least one retreat again, this year. It’s time to invest in an experience for your future. If not only for your own good, for the good of society and humanity.

There will be more details about times, place and costs as the situation develops.

Thank you.

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