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E-business means the set of activities that allow one to do business on-line. This means all of the branding, product and service development, web development, web design, promotion, and necessary ICT expertice across several computer platforms.

I have been working with startups, mature businesses, multinati0nals, academic environments, and government networks. Each situation requires a different set of activities, but all involve computers, internet, websites, design, and business intellegence.

In the case of startups, I almost always recommend a phased approach. This means, first concentrate on branding and product/service development. A simple website with a strong housestyle is usually appropriate at this stage. Six months to a year later, after there has been plenty of contact with the market, can we begin to optimize the website and move to phase two. At the end of phase two, the website, business design, branding, and marketing should be well developed as should the particular customer segment that the business is reaching.

If you have an idea for a website or an e-business, you have an existing e-busines and would like to expand you opportunities, or you just want to know how you might approach a new project, please feel free to contact me at my contact page of the charles consult portal.



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