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presenting good goals at HvA

Visit to HvA

“We intend on planting one trillion trees. We must be among the first people in history who want to do a trillion of anything.” – charles

Ferdinand Swart and myself from Good Goal Group, visited the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) on Friday, September 27, 2013 for the Minors in Sustainable Leadership and Development.

Our first impression was that this was a “idea kitchen.” When we see whiteboards, large sheets of paper and post-it notes, we feel at home.

On the left, talking to Ferdinand is Boukje Vastbinder who teaches MSLE students for HvA. She also has a company Enyini, that specializes in those that engage in sustainable entrepreneurial activities.

After viewing a short video and giving a brief but chaotic presentation, we wanted to make a few basic points:
• We intend on alleviating poverty while protecting the environment
• Our goal to double the forest growth by planting 1.2 trillion trees
• We will use crowd funding to provide seed and maintenance capital for the project
• We plan to gamify the process to make it more efficient and engaging
• We need to create both a platform and applications to gamify the project
• We want to use crowdsourcing (HvA) and others to construct the project

We were there to solicit stagiaires as “Apps” designers because we intend to use both crowdsourcing and crowd funding, as both are needed to design applications that will register, store, and recall, project reports for the various tree planting projects around the world. So, those with needed skills can be put to use in organizing and managing work groups used in building the platform.

Find out more info at: Good Goal Group.

sustainability of self

We need to Sustain Our Selves in order to make change happen.

When you are aware of the world around you and you (want to) change things, that causes friction. In this friction you have to be able to sustain your self. Keep your self breathing, living and working without wearing yourself out, and don’t let the environment or other people wear you out.

If you can’t sustain your self, you can’t help others.

If you know how to navigate through current reality, if you can take care of your self and still keep your integrity, your will reach your ideals more easily and those ideals will become reality. In other words, you will have more impact.

  • How to stand strong and stay calm, so you become resilient for outside influences, and you can take better care of yourself.
  • How to deal with friction and conflicts, both physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • How to think critically, about all the messages and advice you get on how to live your life.
  • How to map out your ideals and values, so you know what you can focus on in the retreat and the future.
  • How to protect your integrity, so you stay whole, and be honest and truthful with your actions.

There will be physical and mental exercises, lectures, interactive and reflective sessions, eating and drinking and relaxation time to fill in however you want (playing games, reading or writing in a cozy corner, listening to music, walking in nature).

More info on the Retreat, Sustainability of Self

Dates:     21 – 23 March 2014

More information at Mira Mero.

About my training
I began my training when I was 13 during a time of political and social turmoil of the early 70′s. This was during time of the Vietnam war and civil rights demonstrations (some violent, some not). I was questioning the world and myself in it when I realized that in order to stay safe and sane, I was going to have to train in the martial arts.

Because I grew up in the martial arts during such a turbulent time in American history, and because I have continued to train and be active in the martial arts, I am experienced in the techniques, mentality, and discipline of staying alive and thriving, at a time when others did not survive.

One of the things I have learned is to help other people unlock their potential to see the world in a way that helps them adapt better and live more confidently. No tricks, just deliberate practice, while studying under the teaching of bona fide masters and grandmasters. I have passed this knowledge on to hundreds of others, and I will pass some of the main ideas of this knowledge to those at this retreat.

There is much I would like to show you. I will not be giving a martial arts training per se, instead, I will show you how to open pathways to understanding that can be gained via the study of the martial arts. I will talk about the kinds of ideas that gave me the discipline and health, to become a strong tournament competitor and instructor, finish two professional degrees, and mentor others in their ability to sustain themselves. I can do the same for you as well.

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